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So I took the JLPT test for the first time ever and it was N4.
And until just a half hour ago, I was afraid I would have failed this exam since I probably fucked up a big time here.
Once the results were published online (at 3 fucking AM), my heart was pounding like crazy. (Read More)

JLPT N2 in December

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While I still don't have my results yet, I fear I may have fucked up JLPT N4 a big time.
It was much harder than expected, and I may have started learning way too late (a few weeks turned out insufficient after all).

But it doesn't matter, N4 is useless any way.
Now my focus lies on N2. (Read More)

JLPT will be this Sunday, why it's important to study RIGHT NOW?

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Yes yes, I am going to take the JLPT N4 test this Sunday.
I have practised a lot and my only remaining problem would be reading.
Not because I can't read, but simply because it's some truly boring shit. (Read More)

Forum switch: from AcmlmBoard to HanaPasta

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I figured it'd be better to integrate the iSpeak forum with the iSpeak blog.
Therefore, I decided to use HanaPasta instead of AcmlmBoard.

If you still try to access the old AcmlmBoard installation, you'll be redirected to the new HanaPasta installation.
That's all.

【Grammar】Aru or iru?

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A lot of beginners confuse ""aru"" and ""iru"" (or ""arimasu"" and ""imasu"") a lot.
In this post I'll try to explain all of this. (Read More)

Why do so many people fail to learn Japanese? Wrong passion explained

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Let's be honest, I don't love anime. I like anime.
I don't love manga. I like manga.
I don't love games. .....well, maybe a bit?
But why are so many learners of Japanese giving up so soon?
More about it in this post. (Read More)

【Vocabulary Sunday】Easter Edition

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It's easter day today in the west.
Although Japan doesn't really have an easter day, you may want to know some vocabulary related to it.

Easter is mainly a Christian tradition.
Since Japan is a more Shinto country, easter is possibly not as popular in Japan.
However, you can see some of it, just like the special KitKat. (Read More)

Welcome to KotoPasta

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Welcome to your new website!
You can just delete this post if you want.