【Vocabulary Sunday】Easter Edition

Blaveloper made this Post on 27-03-2016, 14:48 CEST | Category: Default
It's easter day today in the west.
Although Japan doesn't really have an easter day, you may want to know some vocabulary related to it.

Easter is mainly a Christian tradition.
Since Japan is a more Shinto country, easter is possibly not as popular in Japan.
However, you can see some of it, just like the special KitKat.

This week's vocabulary are:
卵(たまご) - egg
ウサギ - rabbit
チョコレート - chocolate
朝ごはん(あさごはん) - breakfast
休み(やすみ) - holiday
春(はる) - spring (season)
鳥(とり) - bird or chicken (in their living forms)
桜(さくら) - cherry blossom
花見(はなみ) - sakura viewing
緑(みどり) - green
イエス - Jesus (can also mean ""yes"")
神(かみ) - God
女神(めがみ) - Goddess

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