【Grammar】Aru or iru?

Blaveloper made this Post on 29-04-2016, 10:26 CEST | Category: Default
A lot of beginners confuse ""aru"" and ""iru"" (or ""arimasu"" and ""imasu"") a lot.
In this post I'll try to explain all of this.

One thing is clear about these 2 words: both mean either ""to exist"" or ""to have"".
On the side note, don't confuse it with ""motsu""(持つ)/ ""mochimasu""(持ちます), which also means ""to have"", but more in the sense of holding something.

To get you to understand the difference, you can check out this image:

But also:

Aru / Arimasu

Aru is meant for non-moving objects.
Think of trees (木がある), computers (パソコンがある) or even sheets of paper (手紙がある).

Iru / Imasu

Iru is meant for animating objects.
Examples include humans (人間がいる) andn animals (動物がいる).

So if it doesn't move, use ""aru"".
If it does, use ""iru"".

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