JLPT N2 in December

Blaveloper made this Post on 20-08-2016, 19:45 CEST | Category: Default
While I still don't have my results yet, I fear I may have fucked up JLPT N4 a big time.
It was much harder than expected, and I may have started learning way too late (a few weeks turned out insufficient after all).

But it doesn't matter, N4 is useless any way.
Now my focus lies on N2.

I couldn't initially decide whether I wanted to do N3, N2, or none at all, but now I figured it out: it'll be N2.
The main reason is, I want to try convincing my family to study at the HAL university in Japan, which requires foreign students to have passed JLPT N2.
If not, I want to try getting a job there, which also requires N2.

Thanks to the fact I did N4 (passed or failed), it still gave me a basic idea on how much I have underestimated this exam, so now my study approach will be different.
I have just bought myself some Sou Matome N2 books (I was recommended that one from all possible sides, so I gave it a try), I made a tight schedule for the next 8 weeks (gradually adding sections as I progress), and then I'll continue practising with real world stuff like light novels and YouTube videos.
In the mean time, I'll get some Italki sessions, but it won't be much since I'm low on budget right now.

During the 8 weeks, I'll gradually add sections to my daily drills.
For example: vocabulary and Kanji books take 8 weeks to complete, while reading comprehension takes 6 weeks.
So I start the first 2 weeks with just vocabulary and Kanji, then I'll add reading in week 3.
That way I'll complete all 5 books at the same time, and I won't start off with too many things. Win win!

But that's just part of the trouble, I'll naturally make flash cards to boost my memory based on the notes I create during my core study time.
8 weeks later, I'll switch to light novels and videos, so I remain in this loop even after I complete everything.

Wish me luck.

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