Blaveloper made this Post on 24-08-2016, 3:29 CEST | Category: Default
So I took the JLPT test for the first time ever and it was N4.
And until just a half hour ago, I was afraid I would have failed this exam since I probably fucked up a big time here.
Once the results were published online (at 3 fucking AM), my heart was pounding like crazy.

So I filled in my details to reveal all the information (my head hurts, that's why I'm still awake) and...PASSED!
The first exam I passed in years, so I'm not as much of a bogan head as I thought I was when it came to taking exams.
And this also gave me a green light to do exams like Unity certification and IELTS (for UK English, am I right?).
I already decided to do JLPT N2, so that doesn't count.

But I think the results reflect the difficulty of the exam perfectly; vocabulary and Kanji were easy, grammar was difficult, reading was boring, and listening was OK.
All with all, taking the exam was definitely worth it and I can't wait until the N2 exam in December of this year, as well as Unity and IELTS whenever they come available around here.

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